About RM Media, LLC

Founded in 2008, Resourceful Mommy Media, LLC, is owned and operated by Amy Lupold Bair: blogger, social media marketer, mom.  In 2008, Amy burst onto the social media scene inventing the Twitter Party – a hashtagged social event with panelists and a conversational theme catering to the needs of clients ranging from e-commerce start-ups to nationally recognized, trusted brands.  While many have gone on to develop their own Twitter events, Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy remain the original and most popular platform for both new sites and trusted brands to share their voice with the Twitter audience.

In early 2009, Amy leveraged her growing relationships with agencies, marketers and bloggers to create the Global Influence Network. This popular influencer program allows agencies to work directly with the RM Media team to develop interesting content for the network of over 3,500 social media savvy bloggers to share with their readers and social media channels.

Developing from a personal call to use social media for social good, Amy and the RM Media team work with agencies, brands, and organizations to implement public service and socially responsible campaigns and events.  Global Influence Network bloggers continue to lead the online charge in blogging for a cause and stand ready to write about the issues that touch their lives.

A former English teacher and a writer at heart, Amy continues to blog on her personal site, ResourcefulMommy.com.  Here you will find the heart of a mother, the voice of an author, and the feedback of a savvy and enthusiastic consumer with a home to run and two fabulous children to raise…all while developing a flourishing business.

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Global Influence Network

Global Influence has grown from a small group of bloggers in the beginning of 2009 to include over 3,500 bloggers around the world from Washington State to Canada to India. Comprised primarily of moms, the network also includes many dads and non-parents as well. While many of the bloggers within the network are among the most recognized and successful parenting and deal bloggers in the world, the Global Influence model has always been one of inclusion. Operating with the belief that 100 blogs with a small group of loyal, highly-influenced readers are just as valuable as ten mega-blocks whose large audience feels disconnected from the author, Global Influence asks for blogger interest and passion first, numbers and statistics last.

The network also believes strongly that blogs can and should be a tool for positive change. For this reason RM Media has worked closely since early 2009 on public service campaigns such as the Ad Council’s Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving initiative and the National Association of Children’s Hospitals’ Speak Now for Kids movement. With network members organized by region and metropolitan area, Global Influence bloggers use their influence both locally and globally to create awareness and change around the issues important to them.

What We Offer

Campaign options are limitless!

Past campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Instagram video creation
  • Twitter promotional tweet campaigns
  • Live product demo events
  • Blogger home parties
  • Product review campaigns
  • Sponsored post campaigns
  • Online blogger events
  • Focus groups
  • Giveaway campaigns
  • Ambassador program creation and management
  • Content creation for brand sites
  • Brand event invitation list creation
  • Twitter party panel creation
  • In-store shop and blog programs

What We are Not

Global Influence is not a pitch engine. We do not share or sell the lists of our members, nor do we pass standard pitches to them. We also do not share client contact information with members.

Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties were created by RM Media founder, Amy Lupold Bair, in the summer of 2008 to introduce new sites to potential users, revisit existing sites to increase readership, or celebrate site changes.  They quickly developed into launch parties for products, books, travel destinations, and more.  Now occurring regularly, these Twitter events hosted by @ResourcefulMom have become an integral component of social media campaigns.

Twitter Party promotion begins on ResourcefulMommy.com, a nationally recognized mom blog that has been featured on CNN’s Situation Room for attention to disclosure and transparency in marketing.  Outreach continues on Facebook as well as Twitter, where hostess @ResourcefulMom frequently appears on the list of the worldwide Twitter Elite.

How are Resourceful Mommy Media parties unique?


Brand Popularity –

Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy were the first use of Twitter events for social media marketing, a concept invented by founder, Amy Lupold Bair.  The majority of Resourceful Mommy Twitter Parties appear on the trending topics list on Twitter during and after parties with many achieving the top spot on the trend leaderboard.

Following –

Over 500,000 Twitter users currently follow @ResourcefulMom, with numbers increasing daily.

Results –

Clients have reported as many as 500 new site subscribers in just the few days leading up to a party, over 4500 unique page views in the 72 hours post-launch, and active online store fronts both during and after the party – and the buzz continues to build post-party!

Buzz –

Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy have been written about on various sites including Mashable. Amy has appeared on both DC and Baltimore CBS affiliates, along with CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Amy also frequently speaks about Social Media Marketing including at several New Media Expo and Type-A Parent Conference events, the National Press Club, and many other conferences and engagements since RM Media’s inception.

Trust –

Twitter Parties have been booked by a plethora of highly successful brands, all of whom found the parties to be successful, and many of whom re-booked future events.  Brands participating have included Walt Disney World, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, and many other well-known names.

Resourceful Mommy Blog

The personal blog of Resourceful Mommy Media founder Amy Lupold Bair, Resourceful Mommy brings readers everything from great parenting advice to resourceful ways to frugally decorate your home to exciting contests.  With over 1500 daily newsletter subscribers and nearly 15,000 unique visitors monthly, Resourceful Mommy draws a loyal and engaged audience of readers who continue to read articles under the following categories: Blogging, Disney, Giveaways, Living, Parenting, Reviews, Twitter Parties, Giving, and personal posts titled “Resourceful Me.”

Following the success of her blog, Amy’s posts have been featured on a variety of popular sites including most recently Babble’s Disney Voices.  Amy continues to accept freelance writing opportunities to further grow her writing portfolio.